Guitar Workshop Gavrylenko was founded in 1996. Since 2008, under the name "Custom Neck /" Custom Body produces high quality (master grade) stamps and housing for acoustic and electric guitars. During the last 5 years workshop was a member of the Association of the U.S. guitar makers .

To produce resonant wood used for more than 20 species , a special technology which shutter speed of at least 5 years. Highly qualified craftsmen , advanced equipment , selection of materials, quality control at every stage of production allows to obtain products of Custom Shop.

Workshop produces electric elekroskrypky , acoustic guitars as original designs and replicas of famous and collectible instruments. Also carried out repair and restoration work at any level of complexity.

In the studio is an artist that makes this guitar a bright and original. All products shop warrants , provides warranty and technical service . Warranty - 5 years. Clients Workshop is known on a global level musicians from Ukraine , Russia, Belarus and Germany.



During the last 5 years workshop was a member of the Association of the U.S. guitar makers .

For almost twenty years of brand history Workshop Gavrylenko produced over one thousand instruments. Among them are serial - Classic, Progressive, Real 59 , Vintage S, Vintage T, as well as the Progressive Bass and Jazz Bass. In 2013, started production of a new line of AS10, AS100, AS1000. This subscription series guitars Andrey Samoilov, guitarist Ukrainian group BUMBOX.

Additionally, Guitar workshop Gavrylenko released many other musical instruments , as with the author's design , and copies. Many guitars and basses made literally from the original picture .

Custom shop , as many wrongly believe that vice and clamp screwed to the kitchen table . This is not so . Available Workshop Gavrylenko working shop, filled with all sorts of machines and appliances for the manufacture of high-quality products , paint shop , and a special room for drying wood. For each instrument - serial or made-to- order - released technical documentation, drawings and manufactured equipment for machines.

Pickups and other electric filling is made partner Workshop ,



Ukrainian by ARB, which provides exclusive rights to its products Gavrylenko Workshop .

In addition to guitars and basses Gavrylenko Workshop produces many other musical instruments. This bass, acoustic guitar, violin and baritone .


Boombox - Ukrainian funk / fusion / hip-hop group . Founded in 2004 in Kiev vocalist " Grafіt " Andrei Hluvnyk and guitarist " Tartak " Andrei " The Fly" Samoilo . Basically, the band's songs are performed in Ukrainian with English and Russian phrases , but also present Russian and in English songs .

Genres funk, hip -hop, fusion, rock and roll , pop rock ,

Years 2004 - NV

Country Ukraine

city of Kiev

Language songs Ukrainian , Russian, English

Label Moon records

Composition Andrey Hluvnyk

 Andrei " The Fly" Samoilo

 Valentin "DJ Roller " Matiyuk

 Alexander Lyulyakin

 Denis Levchenko



Guitar workshop Gavrylenko ready to offer flexible terms of cooperation . When you purchase a certain number of units of production workshop, or order in the amount of 1100 USD , the client is magically transformed into a studio partner , gets a cool keychain with a serial number and a discount of 15% on any products manufactured in our custom - stenax shop. For more information, contact our managery , earrings Barankin , or at the phone numbers listed in the header .



Affiliate program

For distributors , we are ready to provide favorable conditions for delivery , as well as some of the other cakes and buns, to be confirmed in personal correspondence with the above-named managery .





If you are a grateful user Gavrylenko workshop production , although speakers of big and on malyx kontsertnyx ploschadkax obyatnoy our homeland as well as abroad , to talk about the endorsement . We advertising, you xalyava ( up to a certain , of course, limit). Communicate on this theme better with the founding fathers of the enterprise, ie , with Vadim and Dmitry Gavrilenko THEIR phones ( 067) 548-18-42 and (067) 548-18-44 , respectively.

Gouache - Gouache (gouache) - ukrainian pop-rock edge, zasnovany in 2006 rotsі composer that aranzhuvalnikom Іvanom Rozіnim that Dmitro Sehno.

Rocky 2006 - sogodnі

Zvіdki Kiev

Country of Ukraine

Mova (s) anglіyska, ðóññêèé óêðà ¿, rosіyska

Genre (s) Pop-rock, brіt pop, funk, advanced-pop

Label (s) Ukrmuzprom, Lavina Music

Warehouse Ivan Rozіn

Maxim Smogol

Taras Fenik

Andriy Kovalchuk

Egor Gavrilenko



"S.K.A.Y. "- Ukrainian musical group. The group was founded in 2001 in Ternopil. Participants of the "Pearls season", "Tavria Games", "Red Rue". Define their style as pop-rock.


pop rock, rock

year 2001 - now

country Ukraine

city Ternopil

Language Lyrics



Lavina Music


Oleg Sobchuk

  Alexander "Papa" Grischuk

  Yuri mozile

  Oleg Tarasenko

  Yuri Bezverkhy



TIK (Sobriety & Culture) - ukrainian muzichny herd.


Osnovnі danі

Rocky: 2005 dosі

Mіstse stvorennya: Vinnitsa

Krajina: Ukraine

Genre (s): Folk rock




Warehouse: Viktor Bronyuk

  Viktoriya Gazіna

  Viktor Golyak

  Vladislav Hmarsky

  Oleksandr Klimenko

  Evgen Zikov

  Yang Nіkіtchuk

  Sergiy Shamrai